Osama Threatens Red States?

New York Post

This is being pumped by Fox on the air as well. An organization that monitors Arabia media, MEMRI, says that Osama specifically threatened states that vote for Bush.

He's full of crap. Voting for Al Gore didn't save New York and Washington, D.C. in 2001. Now we're supposed to accept his solemn word to not attack states that vote Democratic? Puh-lease. An attack on any individual state is an attack on every state, and there's no American, John Kerry and George Bush included, that would consider it any other way. If he thought he could threaten any individual state, he's delusional.

You want to know what this is really about? Osama, like most observers of the election, sees that John Kerry is about to win. He wants to claim credit for it and so he's released this idiotic threat to appear even more powerful in the Arabic world. He's a meglomaniac, and he lost any right he might have had to plead grievances when he directed 19 men to hijack airplanes and crash them into our buildings.

Your day is long overdue, bin Laden, and come this January, when John Kerry is sworn in as President, you are going to find out what being Public Enemy No. 1 really means.

UPDATE: Juan Cole disputes this interpretation. He makes a good case for Osama using a fundamentalist anarchism. So Osama isn't necessarily singling out red states. He's still a dangerous twerp.