John Kerry: Superhero

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What he said. Rudeness factor: 4, which is light for the Rude Pundit.

Boston Red Sox Break the Curse: 4-0 Series Victory

Of course this is a political blog for the most part, so I'm recalling the Democratic Convention this year. At some point during CNN's coverage (the end of the first day?), Jeff Greenfield brought up the Curse, to the delight of Aaron Brown. In fact, Aaron actually congratulated him, because Jeff had come up with the Meme that reporters could repeat ad nauseum should Kerry lose this Tuesday - by holding the convention in Boston, the Democrats had invoked the Boston Curse.

So the Boston Red Sox have now buried the Curse right next to Jimmy Hoffa. They even made history by coming back from a 0-3 deficit in the league championship to win the Series itself.

So Aaron, Jeff? Go soak your heads.

Not So Fictional After All!

'Hobbit' joins human family tree

I think the South Pacific is a great place for the Shire...

New Eminem Video Out


Go watch it since MTV won't play it - and watch it all the way to the end...

Get Your War On: 380 Tons of Explosives Edition

get your war on

Hello, is this the Military Strategy Hall of Fame? Are you accepting nominees for 2004 yet?
Been waiting for GYWO to knock this one out of the park...

Iraq Informs the IAEA of The Missing Explosives

Click here ot see a .jpg of the letter.

We would like to inform you that the following materials which have been included in Annex 3 (item 74) registered under the IAEA custody were lost after 9 - 4 - 2003, throughout the theft and looting of the governmental installations due to lack of security. Therefore we feel an urgent updating of the registered materials is required.

1. Al-qaqaa Comp. - HMX: 194.741 ton. High explosive material Declaration on 15/7/2002.

2. Al-qaqaa Comp. - RDX: 141.233 ton. High explosive material Declaration on 15/7/2002.

3. Al-qaqaa Comp. - PETN: 5.8 ton. High explosive material Declaration on 15/7/2002.

Please accept our high respect and consideration.
Lack of security. Who was in charge of security in Iraq after April 9, 2003?

416.4 Years of Carbombs

There's 380 missing tons of high-quality explosives in Iraq.

That's 760,000 pounds of RDX.

A single pound of RDX was enough to bring down the Lockerbie plane.

Let's say that 5 pounds of explosives make an adequate carbomb or suicide bomb, just to be on the safe side.

That means that the 380 tons of missing RDX could supply the Iraqi insurgency with 152,000 car and/or suicide bombs.

152,000 bombs.

If the Iraqi insurgency used three of these bombs a day against our troops and the Iraqi people, that means they have enough explosives to keep bombing for over 400 years.

416.4 years, to be precise.

And all because somebody in the Bush Administration decided not to guard a site that the IAEA warned us about specifically before the war began.

How exactly is Bush making us safer? Explain this to me again...

Source of Iraqi Car Bombs: Unguarded Explosives Looted During Early Occupation

Talking Points Memo

The daily car bombs being felt in Iraq are most probably from a looted site that wasn't guarded by the coalition forces in the beginning of the occupation. This site was under an IAEA seal, because the explosives could be used as triggering devices for nuclear explosives. Now they are being used to kill American and Iraqi soldiers every day.

The Bush Administration has been clamping down on this information, to the point of ordering the Iraqi government to not cooperate with IAEA officials in exposing the missing explosives. But the news has finally broken (the new Iraqi government finally reported the missing explosives to the IAEA).

How much more could Bush screw up the Iraqi occupation? How much more has to happen before his supporters realize that the cognative dissonance of their support is due not to the "crazy" claims of Bush's detractors but Bush's actual actions?

We can't stand four more years of this incompetent leadership. The world can't take this kind of "resolution" anymore. Bush has got to go.