Source of Iraqi Car Bombs: Unguarded Explosives Looted During Early Occupation

Talking Points Memo

The daily car bombs being felt in Iraq are most probably from a looted site that wasn't guarded by the coalition forces in the beginning of the occupation. This site was under an IAEA seal, because the explosives could be used as triggering devices for nuclear explosives. Now they are being used to kill American and Iraqi soldiers every day.

The Bush Administration has been clamping down on this information, to the point of ordering the Iraqi government to not cooperate with IAEA officials in exposing the missing explosives. But the news has finally broken (the new Iraqi government finally reported the missing explosives to the IAEA).

How much more could Bush screw up the Iraqi occupation? How much more has to happen before his supporters realize that the cognative dissonance of their support is due not to the "crazy" claims of Bush's detractors but Bush's actual actions?

We can't stand four more years of this incompetent leadership. The world can't take this kind of "resolution" anymore. Bush has got to go.