Still Haven't Made Up Your Mind?

frontline: the choice 2004 | PBS

Still can't see any difference in the two candidates?

Go watch Frontline's documentary The Choice 2004. It's a interwoven biography of both candidates. You can watch the entire program online in streaming video. This is good the way Fox News isn't.

The Cheneys: Outraged or Showing Their Flopsweat?

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It occurs to me that the Bush campaign knows it could lose. They've said so, and the way the debates played out, it's a real possibility. The Bush campaign risks alienating its base of evangelical voters if the support of Mary Cheney by her loving family is revealed, and the Cheneys are outraged that people might blame the subject of their daughter for their campaign's loss this November.

After all, there are so many other reasons for Bush to be losing. Iraq's a bloody mess, the administration is harboring felons in the Vice President's office, they lied the country into war, they tossed out reconstruction contracts among their buddies like Mardi Gras beads, and their presidential candidate is a blinking, slobbering, incoherent deer under the headlights of real debate and dissent. To isolate Mary Cheney among all these other reasons is just shameful, and we should only expect a mother and father to lash out at the possibility.

New Blog

are you effin' kidding me?

Whatta great name for a blog.

Nightline Busts the Smear Boat Vets

Democratic Underground

I didn't see it, but Nightline has exposed the Smear Boat Vets for the liars they are. Nightline went to the actual location where Kerry earned his Silver Star and the Vietnamese villagers back up his story. The Viet Cong had sent insurgents to that village; they were firing on the Swift Boats. The Viet Cong that Kerry shot was not a teenager; he was 26 or 27 years old, and his name was Bat Tan.

So now Kerry's crewmates back up his story, the official records back up his story, and the Vietnamese villagers present at the event back up his story. How many lies does a person have to tell before you can just say, "Liar," and be done with them?

Apprentice Blogging

Okay, I'm admitting to an Apprentice obsession. I've watched every episode but the first so far (the only one the guys have lost so far).

The women's team invariably suffers from the pecking order phenomenon. One person is isolated (this week it's Elizabeth) and if they lose, the women will speak with one voice and have her fired. The only reason they didn't get Stacey the first week she went to the boardroom is that Trump really was agitated at Bradford's stupid waiver of immunity.

The men's team has been critical of the one woman assigned to their team. Last week she became project manager of the women and was fired. Now this week they're designing women's clothing and they chose a designer who's so much like Pamela, it's insane. There's probably some psychological reason for that...

However, it's clear that the men are headed to the boardroom this week. Their clothes look awful, and the women are totally together. And odds are it's John the project leader who's taking the bullet. He's in over his head.

Frodo Has Failed?

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Today's My Birthday!

October 12.

Many things happened on this day, besides my being born. Columbus (or one of his crewmen) sighted land in the Americas today, initiating a brutal period of European colonization. Al-Qaeda bombed the USS Cole in 2000 (in my family, I'm the lucky one - my brother's birthday is September 11th). And Matthew Shepherd died today in 1998.

On the other hand, Oktoberfest kicked off today in 1810. Desmond Doss won the Congressional Medal of Honor - he was a conscientious objector who volunteered as a medic, and he was honored for his bravery at Okinawa.

Luciano Pavarotti was born today (yay!), as was Chris Wallace (ick), Kirk Cameron (ewww), Dick Gregory (yay!), and Marion Jones (yay!). And last but definitely not least, Hugh Jackman.

More To The Sinclair Story

Sinclair stations refused to air Bush-critical advertisements earlier this year. They also refused to air a Nightline segment on their ABC stations when it featured a reading of the names of soldiers killed in Iraq. The DNC has filed a complaint with the FEC, the first ever by them against a media organization.

The Civil Rights Report Bush Doesn't Want You To See

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Until after the election, that is:

Several themes emerge from this study. Specifically, this examination will show that the administration’s statements frequently do not match its actions. Its civil rights promises often suffer for lack of funding and ineffective implementation. To his credit, President Bush has not dismantled some good programs that previous administrations had implemented. However, he has also not comprehensively advanced them or demanded accountability for their outcomes. And finally, through the views of his executive and judicial appointments and his own professed priorities, President Bush redefines civil rights, at times by promoting unrelated initiatives under a civil rights banner.
Though the report Redefining Rights in America is available at the USCCR website, it's only a draft copy. That's because Republicans protested the timing of this report.

You would think that Americans would want to see a detailed look at George Bush's record in office. Why is it that only bad reports are withheld because "they might affect the election," while good reports are given ad budgets and trumpeted by the campaign itself? Hmmmm....