Apprentice Blogging

Okay, I'm admitting to an Apprentice obsession. I've watched every episode but the first so far (the only one the guys have lost so far).

The women's team invariably suffers from the pecking order phenomenon. One person is isolated (this week it's Elizabeth) and if they lose, the women will speak with one voice and have her fired. The only reason they didn't get Stacey the first week she went to the boardroom is that Trump really was agitated at Bradford's stupid waiver of immunity.

The men's team has been critical of the one woman assigned to their team. Last week she became project manager of the women and was fired. Now this week they're designing women's clothing and they chose a designer who's so much like Pamela, it's insane. There's probably some psychological reason for that...

However, it's clear that the men are headed to the boardroom this week. Their clothes look awful, and the women are totally together. And odds are it's John the project leader who's taking the bullet. He's in over his head.