The Civil Rights Report Bush Doesn't Want You To See

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Until after the election, that is:

Several themes emerge from this study. Specifically, this examination will show that the administration’s statements frequently do not match its actions. Its civil rights promises often suffer for lack of funding and ineffective implementation. To his credit, President Bush has not dismantled some good programs that previous administrations had implemented. However, he has also not comprehensively advanced them or demanded accountability for their outcomes. And finally, through the views of his executive and judicial appointments and his own professed priorities, President Bush redefines civil rights, at times by promoting unrelated initiatives under a civil rights banner.
Though the report Redefining Rights in America is available at the USCCR website, it's only a draft copy. That's because Republicans protested the timing of this report.

You would think that Americans would want to see a detailed look at George Bush's record in office. Why is it that only bad reports are withheld because "they might affect the election," while good reports are given ad budgets and trumpeted by the campaign itself? Hmmmm....