"Cleared Of All Wrongdoing"

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Sandy Berger did nothing wrong. No stuffing papers into his socks or pants, nothing. You have my permission to pelt the next rightwinger who says differently with whatever food product you have at hand.

One Note on Day Two

I didn't get to see much of Day Two.

But I found myself in a local bar watching Obama with the sound down. It was electrifying. Don't even get me started on what I felt when I got home to read the transcript.

Ladies and gentlemen, the first African-American Democratic senator will also be the first African-American President of the United States. He's got my vote right this minute.

Random Notes On Day One

The Democrats handed the "Bush hatred" football to Bill Clinton and Al Gore. They spiked it beautifully, I feel. They stated the issues plainly, but I also felt a challenge to the Bush haters in the party: it's about making America great again, not stomping on Bush. Class acts, every one.

Did anybody else see Mattie Stepanek's hand on Jimmy Carter's shoulder tonight?

Bill Clinton quoting Jesus: "Be not afraid." The Big Dog claimed Jesus for our side again, while simultaneously giving a nod to a major Michael Moore theme: The Bush party needs us to be afraid. Also, the "strength and wisdom" line was worth the price of admission.

Hillary Clinton was the only female senator wearing a yellow suit. How about that?

Later on Larry King, Mo Rocca wore a cool yellow suit. How about that?

Ben Affleck and Tucker Carlson: the new Carville and Matalin? Just kidding, folks...

Fox had much worse technical problems than CNN. Poor little Sean Hannity out in a tiny little corner of the floor, with mike problems and even a complete loss of picture at one point. Aww....

Which allowed Howard Dean to get in a plug for OutFOXed in the middle of Hannity and Colmes...the only time I actually jumped up and cheered while watching the evening's events. He may have lost the nomination, but he's far from done in politics.

On to Day Two.

On Edit: Wait a minute, I knew I forgot something. Jimmy Carter called out the Vice President's office as a source of the lies and misinformation that led us into the war with Iraq. Then he repeated it to Lehrer on PBS - twice. Let's hear it for the boy!

The Mighty Wurlitzer on Powerpoint


This is an incredible article. I want to see the Powerpoint file in question; does anyone know how to get a copy?