Random Notes On Day One

The Democrats handed the "Bush hatred" football to Bill Clinton and Al Gore. They spiked it beautifully, I feel. They stated the issues plainly, but I also felt a challenge to the Bush haters in the party: it's about making America great again, not stomping on Bush. Class acts, every one.

Did anybody else see Mattie Stepanek's hand on Jimmy Carter's shoulder tonight?

Bill Clinton quoting Jesus: "Be not afraid." The Big Dog claimed Jesus for our side again, while simultaneously giving a nod to a major Michael Moore theme: The Bush party needs us to be afraid. Also, the "strength and wisdom" line was worth the price of admission.

Hillary Clinton was the only female senator wearing a yellow suit. How about that?

Later on Larry King, Mo Rocca wore a cool yellow suit. How about that?

Ben Affleck and Tucker Carlson: the new Carville and Matalin? Just kidding, folks...

Fox had much worse technical problems than CNN. Poor little Sean Hannity out in a tiny little corner of the floor, with mike problems and even a complete loss of picture at one point. Aww....

Which allowed Howard Dean to get in a plug for OutFOXed in the middle of Hannity and Colmes...the only time I actually jumped up and cheered while watching the evening's events. He may have lost the nomination, but he's far from done in politics.

On to Day Two.

On Edit: Wait a minute, I knew I forgot something. Jimmy Carter called out the Vice President's office as a source of the lies and misinformation that led us into the war with Iraq. Then he repeated it to Lehrer on PBS - twice. Let's hear it for the boy!