The Cheneys: Outraged or Showing Their Flopsweat?

The American Street » Wellstone Memorial II

It occurs to me that the Bush campaign knows it could lose. They've said so, and the way the debates played out, it's a real possibility. The Bush campaign risks alienating its base of evangelical voters if the support of Mary Cheney by her loving family is revealed, and the Cheneys are outraged that people might blame the subject of their daughter for their campaign's loss this November.

After all, there are so many other reasons for Bush to be losing. Iraq's a bloody mess, the administration is harboring felons in the Vice President's office, they lied the country into war, they tossed out reconstruction contracts among their buddies like Mardi Gras beads, and their presidential candidate is a blinking, slobbering, incoherent deer under the headlights of real debate and dissent. To isolate Mary Cheney among all these other reasons is just shameful, and we should only expect a mother and father to lash out at the possibility.