416.4 Years of Carbombs

There's 380 missing tons of high-quality explosives in Iraq.

That's 760,000 pounds of RDX.

A single pound of RDX was enough to bring down the Lockerbie plane.

Let's say that 5 pounds of explosives make an adequate carbomb or suicide bomb, just to be on the safe side.

That means that the 380 tons of missing RDX could supply the Iraqi insurgency with 152,000 car and/or suicide bombs.

152,000 bombs.

If the Iraqi insurgency used three of these bombs a day against our troops and the Iraqi people, that means they have enough explosives to keep bombing for over 400 years.

416.4 years, to be precise.

And all because somebody in the Bush Administration decided not to guard a site that the IAEA warned us about specifically before the war began.

How exactly is Bush making us safer? Explain this to me again...