Funny Republican Ads

Just saw a Republican mail ad. Let's read it together, shall we?

Front: large picture of pinocchio puppets with strings draped around them to create the appearance of marionettes

Edward North...

...Another Puppet on a String

Reverse Side: detail of pinocchio puppet

Edward North tells us he will stand up and fight for our Tennessee values...

...But Edward North's values cannot stand up on their own - because he's just another puppet controlled by Liberal Millionaire Trial Lawyer J. Stanley Rogers.

What do Edward North, J. Stanley Rogers and John Kerry's running mate all have in common?

They're all liberal Trial Lawyers!

Liberals Raise Taxes and Trial Lawyers Sue.

High Taxes hurt our families and our economy.

Frivolous lawsuits run up the cost of health insurance.

Liberal Trial Lawyer Edward North does not represent our Tennessee values - he represents the values of the tax raising liberals!


Paid for by the Tennessee Republican Party.
Question: who is Edward North running against?

Question: what office is Edward North running for?

Here's his website: Edward North
My wife and I both come from small business backgrounds. Small businesses are the economic backbone of rural communities like ours, and small businesses create over 80 percent of the new jobs in Coffee and Warren Counties. I know what it takes to strengthen small businesses:

· Low taxes, so businesses can expand and create new jobs in our communities

· Lower health insurance premiums, so businesses can afford to provide adequate health benefits to all of their employees

· A well educated workforce, so we can recruit the high-tech jobs of the future into our rural communities today. This means more and better-paid teachers in K-12 education and more investments from the state level into our community and technical colleges.

When I am elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives, I will work with Governor Bredesen, not against him, to bring insurance premiums down, keep taxes low, invest in education and recruit more and better jobs to Coffee and Warren Counties.
Question: which of these candidates (North and the ghost Republican) is talking about the issues?

Which relies completely on PR-driven schlock?

Vote for the candidate that's not insulting your intelligence. Vote for the candidate who's not afraid to put his picture on his ads. Vote for Edward North, State Representative, Tennessee District 47.