An Interesting Experiment

ABC News

ABC News producers wore opposing shirts to Bush and Kerry political rallies. Their instructions were to act respectfully and leave when asked. The results were along the same lines, but drastically different in tone and severity.

At two different Kerry rallies, the producers were admitted. One reported remark made towards them was this: "We're not let into your parties because you're exclusive and stupid." At one rally, Kerry workers held up signs to block national media from viewing the producers. At the second, the event organizer politely warned them that they could be removed if they were disruptive, then asked them to enjoy themselves. Someone at the Kerry rally became visibly upset at their presence, but was calmed by her friend, who said, "Feel proud that we let them in. That's what democracy is all about, that's what we're fighting for."

The producers attended two Bush rallies as well, or tried to. The first rally wouldn't admit them, even though they had tickets. A Bush supporter told them as they waited for admission: "You guys know you have to love America to stand in this line, not France. Just letting you know. I don't want you guys to get beat up in there by Americans." They were also told to find the nearest exit and maybe law enforcement could help. At the second rally, they waited until they were inside to reveal the Kerry shirts. They were quickly ejected.

So as you see, all four rallies reacted against the opposing shirts. All four worked to neutralize the message of the shirts, as you would expect. These were private affairs, after all.

But which of these rallies sounds like the America you grew up in? Which of the rallies epitomized the American values that we've always known in this country?

There is a difference in these two candidates. Tomorrow, vote for everything America can be. Take the first step in taking back our country.