Word Doesn't Superscript Like The Killian Memos

Just a note: I'm using my copy of Word to reproduce the May 4 memo that orders Lt. Bush to take his physical in May.

I've having a devil of a time persuading Word to not superscript the top "th" in 111th, and also the "st" in 1st Lt. Bush. Those superscripts are also different from the memo's superscript - they remain below the top of the other letters, but the memo's superscript goes above the line.

And the Word superscripting is not a single "th" key - it's both letters in a smaller typeset that's aligned against the top letter. There's no simple way I can see to raise those letters above the top line of the other letters. You can actually delete those small letters one by one and then type whatever you want in that smaller font.

So if this document is a forgery, the forger would have to self correct the top "th" and the "st", and then find a way to defeat the programming to get the second "th" above the other letters.

So it's far more likely that this was typed on a sophisticated typewriter of the time.