Are the Killian Memos Forged?

It looks like it.

The memos are typed using a proportional font. Such a font was not available to ordinary consumers, and unless we want to believe Killian had a souped up typewriter in a National Guard facility, we have to put these memos aside.

A proportional font is like the one you should be looking at right now. It's different from a monospace font, in which each letter, from "i" to "w" occupies exactly the same space on the page. Proportional fonts use less space for i's and l's and more space for w's and m's.

One of the messages refers to the 187th in Montgomery. The "th" is quite small and takes up half the space of the line. Microsoft Word does this when "th" follows a number. There's no way to do this on a 1973 typewriter.

The signatures don't match Killian's signature on Bush's Guard records.

There's some question about the size of the paper, but that's explainable. Unfortunately, these other things are not.

Especially when I used my copy of Microsoft Word to type one of the messages and made an almost exact copy.

What we are looking at, my fellow Democrats, is a master stroke from Karl Rove. These papers are so obviously forgeries that they discredit (once again) the entire AWOL search. They were intended to be so easily revealed.

Making anybody who relied upon them issue retractions and flee from this subject. Damn it, we've been had.

UPDATE: I've been advised to not give up the ship in comments (thanks, Jo). Proportional font typewriters with superscripted "th" were available in the early 1970s. So I'm holding off judgment on the memos.

And they came from Killian's file, not Bush's. Some other memos from his file would help establish this.