The Killian Memos: What's At Stake

I'm not going to polish this post up - it's a timeline for Bush's fifth year of service, fitting the Killian memos into the framework. It shows you clearly what is at stake if the memos can be proven authentic.

UPDATE: I've included the two new memos that have been released. It appears to me that some of these memos and letters are carbon copies of letters sent to Austin, Bush, or other places. Some are for personal use. The fact that Killian signs carbon copies suggests how CYA a lot of these memos are. Let me emphasize, as I do below, that the memos and letters tell an internally consistent story that fits the official records like a key into a lock.

Killian Memo - 2 February 72
- Killian asks for update on flight certification
- Specifically mentions Bush and Bath

***Was Killian gunning for Bush at this early date?

Dad calls Allison (Blount campaign), gets Bush deputy spot - Spring 72

Last Bush service date for a while - 14 April 72

Killian Memo - 4 May 1972
- Orders Lt. Bush to physical no later than 14 May 72
- By regulations, Bush had until end of July?
- Last physical: 10 May 71

***This appears to be a standard order, but new February memo puts a different light on it. The date for ordered physical is in line with last physical

Bush clears base (See 2 May 73) - 15 May 72

Killian Memo - 19 May 1972
- Bush calls about getting out of drill until November
- Informs Killian of "working on another campaign for his dad"
- Killian says 3 month of ET or transfer; Bush wants to transfer to any unit that will have him
- Get physical fixed by then? Bush will in Alabama if continuing in flight status, but has campaign and "other things to do after that"
- Killian reminds him of investment and commitment
- Bush then "has a unit in mind" - 9921st, evidently
- Killian suspects Bush is "talking to someone upstairs"

***Killian feels like he's getting played here. Bush first wants any unit that will have him, then suddenly produces ones? And he's getting antsy on the physical.

Bush Application for 9921st, Alabama - 24 May 72

9921st's Approval - 26 May 72

Fifth year of Guard service begins - 27 May 1972

111st Recommend Approval - June 72
- Killian not on this document

Bush Denied 9921st Assignment - Unclear
- Bush has a Military Obligation to fly
- Bush can't fulfill MO at 9921st

Bush Grounded on Killian's Verbal Order - 1 Aug 72
- Missed flight physical
- Source: 29 Sept 72 summary

Killian Memo - 01 August 1972
- Killian notes his verbal orders about grounding Bush
- Reasons: not meeting standards (no attempt to meet training certification) and not getting flight physical
- Requested orders of suspension and convening of flight review board
- Notes his recommend of transfer to 9921st which was denied.
- Also notes Bush's desire to be assigned to non-flying billets
- Looking for a pilot to replace Bush

***This is bad news: Killian grounds because Bush isn't attempting to train (payroll records confirm) and missed his flight physical (direct order). Killian is trying to suspend Bush, calls for a flight inquiry, and is looking for a replacement. IF THIS MEMO IS REAL, THEN WHERE IS THE PAPERWORK?

Republican National Convention - 21-23 August 1972
-Bush attended

Bush Asks Killian's Permission for 187th Assignment - 5 September 72
- For September, October, and November only

AL Approval 187th Assignment - 15th September 72
-Can't train September
-October 7-8, November 4-5
-"Bush can't satisfy flight requirements with our group"

Prescott Bush dies of cancer - 8 October 72
-Conflict with AL training in October

Bush resumes service - 28-29 October 72
-Payroll records
-Credited to October
-Arranged to miss 4-5 November service due to election?

Election Day - 8 November 72

Bush's November service - 11-14 November 1972
-Four days
-Makeup for September time?
-Credited to November

Bush's bad month - December 1972
-Wrecks car, challenges dad to fight "mano a mano"
-Drives bicycle in front of mom's car

Bush January service - 4-6, 8-10 January 1973

Bush AL dental exam - 10 January 1973
***Why is Bush in Alabama? No recorded permission to train past November

Bush April service - 7-8 April 1973

"Bush not observed" report - 2 May 73 (?)
- As of this date, Bush was not observed at Houston for the year
***Killian 19 Aug 73 memo says this report backdated

Bush Buckles Down - May through July 1973
- Extensive service
- In late April, Bush is ordered to attend INACTRA dates
- Those dates are marked as code 50 on Bush's payroll records
- Many more code 50s are marked, and one long week of 22 (regular drills)

Killian Letter - 24 June 1973
- Official response to phone call asking for Bush's OETR
- Killian can't rate Bush because he wasn't there since April 72
- All recent activity (the buckle down) wasn't within rating period
- "Please advise"

Killian Memo - 19 August 1973
- Staudt (retired for 1 1/2 years) is pressuring Hodges about Bush
- Staudt wants Bush's OETR sugarcoated
- Killian has no info from 187th, and Bush wasn't in Houston during rating period
- A second call: Killian agrees to backdate OETR but not rate Bush with Harris's agreement

***Staudt is leaning on Hodges, and Hodges is leaning on Killian via Harris. This is about filing Bush's 72-73 OETR which isn't filed as of 19 August 73Killian was sitting on the OETR, and finally buckled on 19 August 73 - to a point. He doesn't rate because Bush didn't train in Houston during this time and he has nothing from the 187th, at this late date.
Which means: all payroll records from Bush's fifth year were in Alabama or were fraudulent pay. The frequency of pay records makes the Alabama choice untenable - no one remembers him! I could buy being missed by some in October and November, but January, February, and April as well? No way. No way.

The memos are evidence then of Bush's disobeying of a direct order and his failure to find a proper training unit. They are also evidence of a suspension and flight inquiry called for which appear nowhere in the records. They may also be evidence of Bush's attendance and payroll records being forged - which means rank corruption in the Texas ANG.

Which also alleges that the sitting President of the United States cashed government checks for service he had not performed, participating in a defrauding of the military during war and has lied about this to this very day.

The memos fit into the given records like a key into a lock. Their story remains internally consistent. The question of their authenticity will be the defining moment of this campaign. This must be settled beyond a shadow of a doubt.