Krugman: Bush's Plan To Cut Deficit Assumes Bush Tax Cuts Expire

The New York Times: The Dishonesty Thing

The administration claims to have a plan to cut the deficit in half over the next five years. But even Bruce Bartlett, a longtime tax-cut advocate, points out that "projections showing deficits falling assume that Bush's tax cuts expire on schedule." But Mr. Bush wants those tax cuts made permanent. That is, the administration has a "plan" to reduce the deficit that depends on Congress's not passing its own legislation.
Can you believe this? Of course you can.

After all, when Bush was Governor in Texas, he fought the Texas Patient Bill of Rights, let it become law without signing it in protest, and then used it as a campaign prop in 2000.

Bush also threatened to veto the $87 billion before he signed it into law.

There is no good thing that Bush isn't willing to assume credit for, and there's no bad thing that Bush is willing to accept responsibility for. America can do better.