RNC on Democratic Candidates: One Stop Shopping

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Calpundit linked to a right wing take on Rush and Oxycontin. I happened to scroll down and find this: the Republican National Committee has its very own smear page on the Democratic candidates. Clark isn't listed yet, so an update is due. It's a good resource to see what they think is worth slamming the candidates with. As John Hawkings points out, though, Lieberman's campaign is busy running shotgun for the Republicans:

I don't usually post the material that I receive from RNC Research, but this quote they sent out from a Joe Lieberman aide about John Kerry getting an endorsement from Gary Hart was too good to pass up...

"I am glad that Michael Dukakis' Lt. Governor is getting endorsed by Gary Hart. He should roll-out McGovern and Mondale while he is at it. 'People who never became President for Kerry.'"

That's positively "Coulteresque"! Ya gotta love it...
Thanks a lot, Joe. You're really making us proud out here.