CNN Whoring for Bush on Plame Scandal

Novak says administration didn't name CIA operative

Two points:

  • Novak says the "senior administration officials" didn't call him; he initiated the conversations.
  • Novak says that the SAOs didn't actually name Valerie Plame, they simply said that it was Wilson's wife who was a CIA agent. Novak then called the CIA and got the name.
Or he picked up the phone book. The fact remains - Joseph Wilson's wife was a CIA agent and "two senior administration officials" disclosed this information to Novak. It doesn't matter in the least that they never said her name - they disclosed her identity as a CIA agent. How many wives does Ambassador Wilson have? One.

Thank you, CN "Liberal media, my big hairy feet" N, for going to the mat for Novak, who's grovelling before his sources right now. Quit trying to cloud the issue.

UPDATE: Talking Points Memo shows that Novak's story has changed.