Where Do They Get These Guys?

Okay, so I'm listening to CNN coverage of Ivan. The reporter is in Gulf Shores, talking about some animals that zookeepers were unable to evacuate - 20 deer and 12 alligators.

The reporter then spends 3 minutes telling us how they're going after the deer. "Oh, yeah, there was one deer, looking really frightened, here just a minute ago. He's running down the street thataway. The keepers are using tranquilizer guns to bring the deer down. Hopefully, they'll be able to get all the deer..."

Dude. 20 deer loose in Alabama isn't a problem. Lay out a salt lick. What about the FREAKING ALLIGATORS!!!!!

Wanna know why that deer was looking frightened? 'Cause there's alligators loose! Jeez Louise.

Oh, so he gets to the alligators, which the keepers are shooting to kill, he assures us. There are six unaccounted for, including Chuckie. Chuckie is twelve feet long and weighs over half a ton. Reporter Guy tells us that the tourists love Chuckie.

Not as much as Chuckie loves them...