Bad Press! No Toilet For You!

Washington Post

Only those with big bladders need apply for the White House beat. For the past year, the 20 or so correspondents toiling in the basement of the press room in the West Wing have been fighting to keep their toilet. "We've been using that toilet since Jimmy Carter was president," said Associated Press Radio correspondent Mark Smith. But after some trouble with the commode last year, the General Services Administration announced it was flushing the troublesome fixture.

Correspondents took their case to White House press secretary Scott McClellan, threatening: "We could also hold it -- but I think you'll agree we're cranky enough as it is." The GSA said it would cost $500,000 to fix the toilet -- earning it a place alongside the $400 hammer and the $600 toilet seat. McClellan would not dirty his hands in this plumbing dispute. The GSA then announced it had poured concrete into the "sewer ejectors," making the WC permanently unusable. As of yesterday, the toilet and sink were gone, replaced with a chair and a mirror.
Jimmy Carter giveth, but Bush taketh away.

How could Bush make such a colossal blunder during an election year? Not even a Porta-Potty? Maybe Bush misspoke when he was yelling at people to stop all this press leaking.

Hey, Senator Kerry? Since the press can't be bothered about anything else, can you promise a bathroom for every press gaggle in your adminstration?