Juan Cole: Outing Khan Helped Al-Qaeda Members Escape

Informed Comment

First, the Bush Administration hammers Pakistan to capture a High Value Target from al-Qaeda during the Democratic convention. When they don't, the Bushistas released the name of an al-Qaeda operative captured two weeks before the convention, on the very day that John Kerry accepts the nomination.

Yet this operative had been turned. He was being used to ensnare an entire cell of terrorists in London. So when his name hit the airwaves, the cell began to scatter. British police have arrested thirteen men, but five remain at large.

Furthermore, the British police may not have gathered enough evidence to convict the men they have. Two have already been released, and two are no longer being questioned about terrorism offenses.


George Bush and his gang of incompetents have sacrificed national and global security on the altar of their November election efforts. The blood from any act of terror committed by the escaped al-Qaeda cell members is on their hands.

How can these people sleep?