Detainee Reportedly Was Lost in System

Okay. This is one more example of what freaking idiots we have in charge of our nation these days.

So Tenet and Rummy gets all Orwellian and decides to "disappear" a prisoner because Ashcroft's lawyers are telling him that he can.

Well, they disappear him so well, that they lose the mofo in the general population!

This is the first known case in which Tenet and Rumsfeld were said to be involved in such an arrangement. In October, the CIA general counsel's office told the agency it had to return the captive to Iraq. It was then that Tenet asked Rumsfeld not to give the prisoner a number and to hide him because the CIA wanted to further interrogate him, Whitman said.

The CIA forgot about the man until January, when CIA officers inquired of his whereabouts at Camp Cropper, where he was being held. Because he had not been assigned a number and no official records were kept, the military prison officials responded that they could not find him, intelligence officials said.

Twice after that, however, military prison officials began inquiring about the man's status. "When the request was made from the command in Iraq, it was not handled through the channels that could have resolved it," said Whitman, and the man languished for several more months. His status was first reported by U.S. News & World Report.
Let's see Steven Spielberg make a movie out of this!