TruVote To Continue Despite Owner's Death

Recently, the founder of TruVote, Athan Gibbs died in a terrible automobile accident here in Nashville. Mr. Gibbs was an accountant who was so horrified by the Florida 2000 debacle that he designed an electronic voting system that was completely verifiable. Election reform advocates lost an articulate spokesman for their cause when he died.

There are some "Silkwoodesque" rumors floating around the Net about his death, but from what I can gather here in Nashville, it was simply an accident. Whereas Karen Silkwood's death occured at night along a deserted road, Mr. Gibbs' occured on a busy interstate in broad daylight. He apparently shifted lanes in front of an eighteen wheeler that couldn't stop. The truck struck his SUV, which became uncontrollable. It flipped several times, and then flew over the middle retaining wall into the northbound lanes, ejecting Mr. Gibbs in the process. It's a tragic death to be sure, but there's no cause to start darkweaving rumors about his death.

I went to the TruVote website to see if there was a press release about Mr. Gibbs' death. There wasn't, and I was afraid that meant the company might fade away. I found an email address on the site and sent in my concerns. This was the reply:

Thank you. The Company's management plan to make Athan's vision a reality.

Adrienne H. Brandon
TruVote International, Inc.
315 10th Ave North
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 780-9902 Phone
(615) 496-1622 Cell
(615) 780-2611 Fax
That's great news to hear. Why don't you send these folks a card or email them your support? This voting system sounds like a clear winner for everyone involved.