The Perfect Storm: Memogate, Plamegate, Adgate, and The IRI in Haiti

Let's see, where to start?

Memogate is zeroing in on the target.

Plamegate is expanding.

Bush's first ads are facing a lot of criticism.

Fingerprints are appearing all over Haiti. Is now the time to mention that the International Republican Institute has been using USAID money to finance a private Haiti chatroom and information website to combat the effect of "rumor" in Haitian politics?

Since 1986, the Haitian people have been challenging authoritarian rule in Haiti. Despite their efforts to build a viable democracy, officials, some of whom are elected, have often betrayed public trust and undermined the chances for transparent governance. Over three decades of dictatorship followed by military rule ended in 1990 when Jean-Bertrand ARISTIDE was elected president. After a coup in 1991 Aristide was returned to office in 1994 by the international community. Rene Preval was handpicked by Aristide to succeed him at the presidency in 1996. ARISTIDE won a second term as president in 2000, and took office early in 2001. However, a political crisis stemming from fraudulent legislative elections in 2000 has not yet been resolved.

...IRI is now adding to its programs an emphasis on information technology and a focus on the Haitian Diaspora. IRI is developing a website that has specific political, economic and social information relevant to Haiti. It includes various links to allow Haitians abroad and in Haiti access to timely and accurate data and analyses.

Rumors are a key factor driving Haitian politics, and they lead to a tense political environment. This undermines efforts toward good governance. To address this challenge, Haitians need access to accurate information. IRI will create and maintain a website, This site will allow political parties, civil society, the Haitian Diaspora, Caribbean constituencies and representatives of the international community to explore solutions to Haiti's democracy and governance obstacles.

Those who connect to the website will be able to post their opinions and ideas in a chat room. IRI will selectively incorporate unsolicited remarks and create a link so that these remarks can be made available to the public.
No love for Aristide and all the rumor-fighting power of an Internet chatroom. What will those wacky Republicans think of next?

I'm beginning to wonder, not if we can win in November, but will a single Republican be left in office?