John Kerry is The Nominee

Just got an email from his campaign this afternoon:

Dear Bolo,

I believe that in November, with one united Democratic Party, we can and will win this election. Last night, we saw the power of millions of people across the country, united behind a desire to change America.

With your help, we have reached a defining moment. But just this morning, George W. Bush launched his $150 million campaign to try to set the terms of the debate for the general election. The ads he runs will attempt to distract from the miserable record he has built, and the hardships his one-sided, misguided policies have caused the American people. We must act quickly to respond to Bush's distortions.

Will we let the Bush campaign define this election, distorting his record and mine in the process? Or will we carry the momentum of yesterday's enormous victory forward with energy and enthusiasm? You and I both know the answer. We've come this far by fighting for every vote and answering every challenge.

Let's roll up our sleeves and go to work on the biggest challenge -- and most important opportunity -- of all. Thank you so much for standing with me. We have accomplished a great deal and I am confident that, together, we can take on any challenge and win.

Let's get it done.

John Kerry
The race is on.