Why Corporate Heads are Idiots, Part 754: Hey Ya, Charlie Brown

What used to be "Hey Ya! Charlie Brown

I was one of the lucky ones (although I never saw the last third). I got to view this cute clip that turned "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!" into a music video for the infectious song Hey Ya!. It was incredible how well the different shots fit the song.

What United Media, the owners of Charlie Brown, should have done was throw a few bucks in the direction of the editors, negotiated for the Hey Ya! rights, and gotten the video onto MTV. Seriously, it's that good. I haven't seen the Outkast video, but I imagine that shots could have been edited into the Charlie Brown video. A half day of greenscreen, and the band members could have been in the Charlie Brown shots.

Then United could have made the video the center of a marketing campaign for the DVDs of the Charlie Brown specials.

Instead, they stepped on it. We may never see it again. Stupid, stupid, stupid.