Newly Released Pay Records Add No New Evidence

Bush National Guard Records Released (registration required)

The pay records show six days of service between May 72-Dec 72. That's what the 72-73 SPE said. Nothing new here.

The documents indicate Bush received pay for six days of duty between May and December of 1972 when he was assigned to temporary duty in Alabama. There is a five-month stretch at the start of 1972 when he was not paid for service. The records do not indicate what duty Bush performed or where he was.
Please note the misinformation in this paragraph. Bush was not assigned to temporary duty in Alabama from May to December 1972. He requested a transfer to an Alabama unit in May, after already moving to the state. This transfer was denied. Bush remained in limbo until September, when he requested to do substitute drills in Montgomery. The request was for the months of September through November only. It was approved, but the dates of service on the SPE don't match the drill dates in Alabama.

If the six days of the pay records is for time served in Alabama, then the Bush Campaign lied about a November 29th date. If the six days is for Houston time, then when, if ever, did Bush report to his Montgomery unit?

Also the statement, "a five-month stretch at the start of 1972 when he was not paid for service" is puzzling. Does this mean he didn't serve or that he did serve but wasn't paid? How do you pull unpaid duty in the Guard?