Bush Has AL Dental Records - January 6, 1973

George W. Bush U.S. Air Force Dental Exam Record: Jan. 6, 1973

This puts Bush at an Alabama Guard unit in January 1973. This corresponds to the pay records and the 72-73 SPE. It also is corrobarated by a friend of Bush's who met him for dinner several times. She said that he had come back for about two weeks to make up time at the Guard. The January 4-6 dates are definitely Alabama time, and the next date, January 8-10, is most likely Alabama time as well.

One by one, the questions are being answered in favor of Bush.

Still questions remain. If the two January dates were makeup work for Bush's third quarter, where's the time that he put in for the first quarter of 1973? Why did Bush never report to Col. Turnipseed? Why did he skip his physical, grounding himself from flying?

But you can expect that the AWOL controversy will lapse into silence. I can't help but feel that we've been played, and played well.