Dean Campaign's Attack-Clark Strategy Revealed by Conference Call

Arizona Republic

I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that this kind of thing is going on...

Right. Well, politics is politics, and the Dean campaign just hung its own behind out in the wind:

Another staffer indicated that in a survey of voters Monday by telephone, people expressed concern that "this guy (Dean) is indecisive" and Bradley, a former Hall of Fame player in the National Basketball Association and a three-term senator from New Jersey, could help counter that.

"The Bradley message could be, like, (Dean) knew where he stood on the war, is still a Democrat, takes . . . positions, blah, blah, blah," the staffer said.

The next day, the speaker said, "surrogates" for Dean, both local and national, could "then hit Clark on the flip side of the argument: that he's indecisive, didn't know what party he's with, doesn't know his position on the war," she said.

The strategists ended their conversation when another reporter joined the conference, telling him, "I think you may have the wrong call-in number. This isn't a press call."

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So it's good to know that these specious attack memes on Clark have the full support, approval, and instigation of the Dean campaign. Wasn't Dean complaining about reining in these kind of attacks recently? This is regretable and lame.