Coulter's Current Crap: The Jesus thing

We must stop noticing this person. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. But sometimes the urge to go look at what she's written is overwhelming, like rubbernecking an accident. You just can't look away.

Ann Coulter continues her self-anointed quest to take up the slack that Barbara Olson left off with this statement:

The only Democrats who go to church regularly are the ones who plan to run for president someday and are preparing in advance to fake a belief in God.
How do you argue with something like that? Is it enough to introduce Ann to a few Christians who are members of the Democratic Party? Is it enought to point out websites like Liberals Like Christ? No. There will be no persuading someone like Coulter. The best solution is just to leave the poor woman peddling her filth alone. Which I now resolve, once again, to do.