Announces Great Resource

The opening salvo is taking on the 16 words+ in the State of the Union:

Sixteen untrue words in the President's State of the Union message helped push American into war with Iraq. It's now clear that the remaining 5397 words in the speech were just as misleading. For example:

On the Economy:
"We will not pass along our problems to other Congresses, to other presidents and other generations."

The truth: Factoring in the cost of reconstruction in Iraq and other laws that are set to be enacted, the federal budget deficit is close to $5 trillion over the next 10 years. The President's latest request to make his tax cuts permanent would add another nearly $1.6 trillion to the federal debt through 2013. That's $41,300 for every man, woman and child.

On Jobs:
My "first goal is an economy that [will] employ every man and woman who seeks a job."

The truth: 2.5 million jobs have already been lost since 2001 and the President's own economic advisors project that his economic plan - if everything goes well - will create fewer jobs in the next year than were lost in the last year. This will make President Bush the first president since Hoover's Great Depression-era presidency to preside over an economy that has lost more jobs than it's created.

This website will chronicle the Bush Administration's ongoing misstatements, misleading figures, and outright deception. Unfortunately for all of us, there is enough misleading to keep this website busy.
A welcome addition to the fray.