But Where Does The Pastor Stand on Supralapsarianism?

OBJECTIVE: Ministries

The good Dr. Andrew Miller, "pastor of Mt. Fellowship Baptist Church, devoted husband, and Biblical scholar," has taken a firm stand against the modern heresy of triclavianism, the doctrine that three nails and three nails alone were used to nail our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the cross:

Some have criticized my stance on triclavianism as being counterproductive, arguing that making a point of doctrinal contention over not making a point of doctrinal contention over adiaphora is itself non-salvific. However, my critics are overlooking the dangers of triclavianistic doctrines: allowing adiaphora to creep into our credenda -- while possibly pushing the theologoumenic envelope and providing exciting new opportunities for supererogative works -- will most often serve to muddy the soteriological foundation of Faith, leading in general to ultramontane excesses and, in extreme cases, ebaptization (which is unacceptable pastoral malpractice, however rare it may be.) Doctrinal integrity, and hence salvific effectiveness, is best served by working to end triclavianism and similar erroneous, or simply adiaphoric, doctrines.
Isn't it gratifying to know that we can imagine as many nails in the body of Christ as we want to, and our salvation is still assured? Truly this is the peace that passes all understanding...

Is there a way to get the T-Shirt without buying it? Perhaps I could plead poverty but conviction.