Democrats Tougher on Terrorism than Republicans - Proof

Open Source Politics

You see, President Clinton has the best pre-Sept 11th record of any President, when it comes to terror. It helps that he had a few minor attacks on his watch to spur him to action. There was the first World Trade Center bombing, which happened just a few weeks after he took office (funny how no one blamed G.H.W. Bush for that one, yet they blame Clinton for Sept. 11th, which happened more than 8 months into G.W. Bush’s first term). There was the Oklahoma City Bombing. There were the embassy bombings. And there was the USS Cole.

Clinton knew a problem when he saw it. And he did things about it.

Sweet. Democrats create jobs, balance budgets, support education, and fight terrorism better than the Republicans - all day long. The Republicans are famous for hyping it, we're famous for doing it.