Taco Bell: Vote for CA recall candidates by buying food products!

Here's a food-related item!


Click on "Who says you can't buy votes?" Now you see the current totals in an on-going promotion from Taco Bell. The field is heavily slanted towards Taco Bell stockholder Arnold Schwartzenegger (R-Reagan, Not).

By buying a eighty cent beef taco, their most popular item, you can vote for Arnold. Voting for Grey Davis (no recall) calls for a Chicken Soft Taco (they make Chicken Soft Tacos?) The Grilled Stufft Burrito purchase, another top seller, is a vote for any of the other candidates for governor.

By popular demand, they will be adding a slot for Bustamante - a Chalupa purchase. Ad watchers will remember the campaign for introducing the Chalupa, "Drop the Chalupa."

Another good reason to check out Slow Food.