AIG Names Names

The gig is up and Congress' questions are answered. AIG has released names and numbers for who got what from them directly and from Maiden Lane II and III.

Maiden Lane II was dealing with unwinding loans made on good assets to buy up toxic assets.

The top beneficiaries of payments tied to the unwinding of the securities lending portfolio were Barclays (BCS) of the U.K., with $7 billion, Deutsche Bank, with $6.4 billion, BNP Paribas of France, with $4.9 billion, Goldman with $4.8 billion and Bank of America (BAC, Fortune 500) with $4.5 billion.
Maiden Lane III was buying bad toxic assets from institutions that had purchased credit default swaps from AIG on those toxic assets:
...the top recipients of payments under the CDO purchase program, with SocGen getting $6.9 billion, Goldman $5.6 billion, Merrill $3.1 billion and Deutsche Bank $2.8 billion.
And finally, those same institutions who sold their toxic CDOs to Maiden Lane III were made whole through payouts from AIG that also terminated the CDSs:
The top recipients of CDS-related collateral were France's Societe Generale, with $4.1 billion, Germany's Deutsche Bank (DB), with $2.6 billion, and Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch of the United States, with $2.5 billion and $1.8 billion.
I wonder what the Wall Street Journal was looking at, though. They said the biggest two recipients were Goldman and Deutsche Bank, but by far the biggest recipient of taxpayer cash from AIG was Societe Generale, with $11 billion coming through Maiden Lane III and AIG directly.