On The Subject of Kenneth Pollack

Kenneth Pollack, our intrepid media's example of an Iraqi war opponent, wrote a book called "The Threatening Storm: The Case For Invading Iraq." I have it. I bought it because I saw Joe Lieberman hold that book up in the U.S. Senate as a book we should all read when we consider invading Iraq. He used the book twice in his floor speeches to bolster the case for invading Iraq

It was not just Joe Lieberman. Kay Bailey Hutchison quoted twice from Pollack's book and ensured that certain quotes made their way into the record. Jon Kyl used an article of Pollack's to give us a specific quote: "war now or war later." George Voinovich reminded us all of Pollack's book in his support for an emergency supplemental bill for Iraq and Afghanistan. Even Edward Kennedy cited Pollack when he made his own argument for war against Iraq.

Pollack and his partner in crime, Michael O'Hanlon, are providing political cover for wavering Republicans while trying to salvage their own reputations. In short, this is just more of the same from these two. Don't get fooled again.

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