Military Worship and Recruitment At Baptist Men's Service

Shlonkom Bakazay?

It really must be seen to be believed. Some kid brought his camera to a Men's Service at his local Baptist church, which turned out to be a military recruitment service.

The reproduced program is chilling:


It is a privilege for Porter Memorial Baptist Church to be hosting this event. This is the fifth year that our Men's Ministry has put this on and we are excited about how we have seen God provide for us to make this night possible.

This is a night to honor the men and women who serve our God blessed nation, and for those who have served in previous conflicts and wars. Porter Memorial Baptist Church wishes to say "Thank you!!!" for making our nation free to worship God.

We hope you enjoyed the BBQ meal and will enjoy some of our most talented men singing praises to God this evening. Most of all, we hope you are challenged and inspired by the testimony that Capt. Jeff Struecker gives tonight as he shares his experience in battle and his faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Our mission statement is "To worship God, globally lead people to faith in Christ, and grow together to be like Him."

Most of all, on behalf of our pastoral staff and men, we want you to know that Porter Memorial Baptist Church is a Home for your Heart.
I'm just amazed at the cognative dissonance that these people are able to contain in their brains.

Please note that this is the fifth annual Men's Service to honor the military; i.e., every year of the Bush presidency. This combination of military worship and American jingoism is particularly stunning when you consider that these people are very likely believers in Premillienialism. These folks are signing up for Armegeddon, and making sure it's gonna happen.

The two pictures that recreate a parade of American Soldiers under the displayed image of Jesus on the cross will stupefy you - especially because one of the American soldiers is wearing a Confederate uniform. I just don't know what to say about that. I mean, you know, the Confederates were trying to do the same thing to Washington, DC that al-Qaeda tried to to. I mean, you know? They didn't have planes, of course, but if they could have gotten to Washington and burned it down, they would have. You know? Could we maybe not include them in a parade that nonors soldiers of the United States of America?

I'm just saying...