Latest FOX Lie: School Didn't Ban Declaration

Media Matters for America

An elementary school teacher was using handouts in his class that excerpted several references to God in the Declaration of Independence, along with other statements that emphasized the singular importance of Christian faith in U.S. history. Several parents complained that the handouts were crossing the line into evangelism, and the principal began supervising the teacher's lesson plans. Here's an example of one of the handouts that the principal blocked from usage:

Looks like that violates California code to me:

The California Education Code allows “references to religion or references to or the use of religious literature…when such references or uses do not constitute instruction in religious principles…and when such references or uses are incidental to or illustrative of matters properly included in the course of study.”
Teaching kids that the Christian Bible is the only right and proper way to live is kinda outside that line, wouldn't you say?

That quote, by the way, comes from a press release from the Alliance Defense Fund, a group trampling on the Constitution in the name of Jesus promoting the First Amendment rights of Christian teachers to proselytize their young students. They've filed a lawsuit against the school district on behalf of the teacher.

FOX News has been reporting that the Declaration of Independence has been banned from a classroom. Surprisingly, that's the headline of the Alliance Defense Fund's press release about the lawsuit. That is complete elephant dung, by the way - what's been kept out of the classroom are the teacher's proselytizing handouts, which selectively quote the Declaration to show how much it focused on God.

Silly me. I thought the small matter of King George was what had the colonists all worked up, but I also didn't have Stephen J. Williams as a history teacher.