$1.3 Trillion in Deficits Forecast Over Decade

LA Times

George W. Bush: enemy of the United States of America.

What else can we believe when reading about this incredible deficit? If you had hired someone to watch over your finances, and then discovered the person had wasted your entire growing surplus and sunk you even further into debt, you would fire him.

This person is not looking out after our common interests. The best way to destroy someone is to ruin them financially, and this mass deficit is ruining this country financially. Why does George Bush hate America so much that he must spend it into oblivion?

I'm really getting serious about this. Try to think of some better way to destroy this country, outside of outright treason, than to destroy its government economically. The Bush deficit spending is holding a knife to this country's throat.

And this, my fellow Americans, is what you voted on. Enjoy.