Once Were Lost, But Now They're Found

The press continues to be blind, however.

They found those missing records. The records gave us no new information about Bush's attendance as I said they wouldn't. And you can see that the press is screwing up with these papers still:

Those records did not provide new evidence to place Bush in Alabama during the latter part of 1972...
And they never, ever will. The redundancies in the records tell us that Bush showed up (probably in Alabama) late in October and four days in mid November. That's it.

We have all the records necessary to say what Bush did during that time. We have a clear picture of what happened.

What we don't have is documentation that must exist given the attendance record that Bush displayed in his fifth and sixth years of service. Where is the Flight Inquiry paperwork? Where's documentation on Bush's late April jumpstart? Where's the paperwork that should have labeled Bush a deserter when he left for Harvard Business School?

It's so frustrating to see the press lagging behind in this story. And then there's this - the take from Talking Points Memo:
Of course, the fact that the White House has wrangled this issue down to poring over a million different records that I myself can hardly keep track of means they've largely neutralized this issue through that classic Washington method of the death of a thousand docs.
That's pretty much what BushCo has done. There's so much Bushista blood in the water that the press corp doesn't know which way to turn.