Random iTunes - Special Reagan Funeral Edition

  1. Rocket Man - Elton John
  2. I Cover The Waterfront - Billie Holiday
  3. I Wanna Be Around - Tony Bennett
  4. Skating Away - Jethro Tull
  5. The Fletcher Memorial Home - Pink Floyd
  6. 3 AM - Matchbox 20
  7. The King Must Die - Elton John
  8. Fine and Mellow - Billie Holiday
  9. Death Letter - Cassandra Wilson
  10. One For My Baby - Etta James
This one's going out to the DUer who got fired from a Mobile NPR station. He was supposed to pick out music to honor the Gipper, but asked some other DUers for music selections that would subtly subvert the intent of the edict. A Freeper read the thread, sent a letter to his station manager, and the man lost his job.

Want to know what the guy was going to play?
Okay, here's the playlist for Friday;

I'm starting off with the dictated requiem, though it will be expressly stated as being played "in conjunction with our day of national observance," not "in mourning."

But here's what it is: A movement from "Memento Mori: An AIDS Requiem."

I'm following it up with Virgil Thomson's "The River" along with brief explanation of it's ecological themes.

Next is Duke Ellington's "Black, Brown & Beige Suite," a work designed to portray the history of Black Americans with a pride and elegance thereto for unseen.

Then Gershwin's "I Got Plenty o' Nuttin.'"

Which brings us to our next hour's commemorative selection, a dirge-like preBaroque piece from the Kronos Quartet entitled "Using the Apostate Tyrant as his Tool."

Then we have Erich Korngold's expanded work from the score of "Deception."

Then Richard Wagner's "Tannhauser Overture."

Then Leo Brouwer's "The Black Decameron."

We'll see what happens.
What a firebrand. Misanthrope, my heart goes out to you...here's one for the road.