Microsoft Patents Double Clicking

New Scientist

This is absurd. For this, I'll break my silence.

By the way, I haven't been blogging because:

a) Bush is doing a fine job of cracking up on his own.

b) I haven't had much to say and little reason to note interesting items.

c) I got a job.

Of course, now that the job is moving along for better or worse (waiting tables at a startup restaurant here in Nashville - now it's basically established), maybe I can find the spare energy to keep pointing the odder parts of this thing called life.

Only under the Bush Administration could something so obtuse happen. Remember when President Clinton had Microsoft on the ropes in an anti-trust suit?

Now they just patented the double-click. Also, they got the long click and the short click. The idea and usage of any type of Click in your programming is now the intellectual property of Microsoft.