Just got CNN...

...and my head may explode.

After three or four years of having "limited" basic cable (local channels, religious channels, and shopping networks), I've broken down and upgraded to regular basic cable. I wanted access to CNN et al. during the election season, especially C-SPAN. To be true, I could always go to C-SPAN's website and watch the different networks on streaming video, but my roommate wanted ESPN too, and she's paying half the bills. So the upgrade has occured.

So I'm watching CNN a hour or so ago, and Kyra Phillips is indignant that so far, no journalist has really taken Bill Clinton to task for his infidelity. Impeachment wasn't enough for this vulture? Did she miss the nineties, where every possible detail of Bill Clinton's sex life was displayed and analyzed and pondered on every news medium in existence? But Bill Clinton hasn't suffered enough for Kyra.

So I go get something to eat, grab some coffee, come back in to the tube, where Kyra is now talking to the Gallup Poll guy. And the Gallup Poll guy comes really close to busting the "Reagan is the most popular president ever" myth, but doesn't. He's showing Clinton's popularity rating over the eight years of his presidency. And he points out that "like Reagan" Clinton had a bad couple of years and then climbed out of the doldrums. Oddly enough to the Gallup guy, Clinton's popularity peaked and held strong around the time of the impeachment proceedings.

Why was this, Gallup Guy?

"We're still trying to figure that one out," says the Gallup Guy.

***insert sound of me striking my forehead with my hand***

Maybe the public saw the impeachment as the partisan witch hunt it was? Just a thought, Gallup Guy.