Iran Next?


With all the arrogance of a born again Christian, Bill Hobbs is taking aim at the mullahs of Iran.

Any serious War on Terror can not be won - indeed, it can not even be said at such as war is seriously being fought - until we take on the Mad Mullahs of Iran. The good news: that's starting to happen. The bad news: It's Iran that dictated the time and place of events, not us, as the evidence mounts that Iran's Islamofacist regime is backing renegade iraqi Shiite "cleric" Muqtada al-Sadr's terroristic attacks against Coalition forces, civilian aid workers and Iraqis. But I suspect we'll soon regain the inititative. The road to pacifying Iraq and winning the War on Terror runs through the inner sanctum of the Iranian mullacracy - and doing it before the Mad Mullahs of Tehran complete production of a nuclear weapon.
Um, Bill? The recent Shiite uprising started when Bremer shut down Sadr's printing press. That's us determining the time and place of events, not Iran. That's what gave Sadr the excuse to pull in all that Iranian money and go to war.

And it's not going to be a serious War on Terrorism until we go into Iran? I'd hate to see the serious war if all we've been doing so far is namby-pambying around.

This then is what four more years of Bush-Cheney will bring us - war with Iran. This is one of the real planks in Bush's (re)election platform, and it should be kept in view of the public.