FactCheck.org Slams Kerry Unfairly


A Kerry ad has Bush saying that sending jobs overseas "makes sense." But Bush didn't say that.

The quote is actually from Bush's Council of Economic Advisers. The Kerry campaign claims Bush signed the report containing those words, but that's wrong, too.

Some Bush administration officials do indeed defend the practice of contracting for white-collar services overseas as one aspect of free trade, which they say creates jobs in the US.  Textbook economics supports that notion. But the Kerry ad goes too far when it makes the President seem to be rooting for the loss of US jobs using words he never used.
Bill Hobbs calls this another one of Kerry's "lies". But the report is issued by Bush's Administration, and it's common usage to say that Bush did something that someone in his adminstration actually did. Bush does it himself, all the time.

Bush signs a summary report at the beginning of the long paper, and that gives his approval to the entire document. And to the point, it's the policy of this administration that outsourcing jobs is expected and welcome. If Bush isn't willing to take the responsibility for what his administration says, then why did he hire them in the first place?