And Zygote Makes Three...

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Mac cracks wise about the idea of a fetus having an estate to settle. I think this opens up a lot of areas for legal dispute, however.

Let's see:

If a fetus can have an estate...

...and the estate tax is reinstated...

...then can the government charge an estate tax against mothers who recieve abortions?

(Probably not - I can't imagine many fetuses who would have large enough estates to qualify for the estate tax.)

Say a pregnant woman runs a small business. Can the fetus be considered a material partner in the business? Can it draw a salary? Would the mother be required to spend 16 hours only at the business, or risk violating child labor laws? If conceived in October, is it required to file income tax, before it's even born?

Can a father sue for custody rights? If he wins, how would the court's ruling be enforced? If the pregnant woman flees the father, has she kidnapped the fetus? Will ultrasounds be appearing on a milk carton near you?

Will fetuses be included in the 2010 census? Will gerrymandering lines divide the neonatal care unit from the maternity ward in the same hospital?

Will abortion clinics be required to file death certificates? To collect estate taxes?

If a pregnant woman suffers discrimination, will the perpetrator be liable to two separate lawsuits?

Will fetuses count as a deduction on your taxes? Will expectant mothers be required to staple a positive home pregnancy test to the 1040?

If the fetus gets too active in the womb, can the mother file assault charges?

Can unwilling fathers sue the fetus for harassment?