What Happened to My Sidebar?

Well, I messed up a tag. Blogger didn't let me know that the tag was messed up the last time I changed the templete. And for some reason, Safari (my browser of choice right now) actually fixed the tag, so I didn't see anything wrong.

But just a few minutes ago, I had IE open and swung by the site...OH, NO! A headline tag end was missing and it sent the formatting all the way down! It looked awful.

And so all my recent new visitors saw the site look nuts. This is the story of my life. Well, the problem's fixed now.

(Note to self: Always check the new templete in all the browsers I have.)

On edit: whoops. Saw that my recent addition to the blogroll, Ungodly Politics, wasn't showing up. Another stinky tab end missing. Sorry, Lazarus.