Robertson's God and Bush's 2004 landslide

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

My New Years resolution for the blog is to focus on the intersection of religion and politics. And so the Robertson story is a natural.

Pat's been deflecting hurricanes since 1985. His aim isn't so great, though. But being able to wrestle the mighty wind storms around seems to have gone to his head, and now the Almighty has let Pat in on a secret: It's Bush in 2004, by a landslide. Pat and W have had their disagreements in the past, especially when Robertson's illegal business deals are concerned. So it's good to see that Robertson has ended up on the side of the angels on this affair.

But Robertson has lied before. He claimed to be a "combat Marine" in his presidential campaign, a lie shot down by his fellow soldiers. He's lied about the separation of church and state in the Constitution, which he somehow never managed to read in law school. He's also advocated nuclear terrorism against the United States State Department.

So one more anti-American multi-millionare is stumping for Bush with his media empire. What vast right wing conspiracy? They're doing it out in the open for everyone to see!