Choice Google Searches From Last Week

Still working on the AWOL Bush post. In the meantime, here are some of the Google searches that have led to this site in the last week.

Whose's running iraq

Who's teaching English out there?

Yes, I link to you - could that get me on the no-skipping-discs mailing list please?

frist poll "minority block"

Frist is my Senator. Good old Doctor Frist. Will he be the next silver-spooned chucklehead headlining the Republican ticket? You heard it here first.

take abb pledge chimp

If the Chimp would take the pledge, all our troubles would be over...

diebold voting machines snopes

The Snopes are running the Diebolds? No wonder this country is going to hell...

define forethought or malice

The Republicans in Florida, Election 2000.

dressing up games for christians

Hmmm. I don't recall Jesus advocating dressing up games. Sounds Pauline to me.