Ashcroft Investigating CIA Confirmer, Not Administration Leaker!


The investigators want information about any contacts between administration officials and Novak, and also with two other reporters: Timothy M. Phelps and Knut Royce of Newsday. Hmm ... Neither has been named as someone who received the original leak about Plame. Instead, Phelps and Royce had simply called around after Novak exposed Plame on July 14. They learned that she was, in fact, working undercover. By probing for contacts with Phelps and Royce, the Justice Department wants to find out who in the CIA confirmed this inconvenient fact that is causing the White House so much trouble. The real bad guy - 'the one who blew Plame's cover' - is apparently of less interest. Otherwise, Justice wouldn't have waited months to investigate.
These bums must go!